Friday, November 13, 2009


A scholarly and educational organization that is geared towards developing the debate skills of young Liberians students, youths and community dwellers has been pre-launched in Monrovia on Friday, October 30, 2009.

At the Pre-Launch of the Liberia Debate Education Association (LIDEA), the President of LIDEA, Alvin Yelloway said that his organization will help in the full development of the debate skills of Liberian students and youths. Mr. Yelloway said as a nation that has graduated from 14 years of civil conflict, it was important for students to understand and practice calm debate for peaceful co-existence and democracy. He called on the government of Liberia and international non-government organizations to partner with LIDEA in realizing their objectives.

Officially Pre-Launching the organization was the Former Chairman of the Monrovia City Council, Hon. Daniel G. Johnson. Hon. Johnson said that it was important for such an educational association to be established in post war Liberia, in order to prepare the future generation of the nation.

In an exhibition debate match played between the G.W. Gibson High School and the Elizabeth Crawford High School, on the Topic: “Should Power be vested more in the Executive Branch than the Legislative Branch of the Liberian Government?”. The G.W. Gibson High School won the exhibition match with 378 points.

The Pre-Launching of the Liberia Debate Education Association (LIDEA) also paid host to two senatorial aspirants in the upcoming Montserrado County By-election. The aspirants spoke on the theme: “Platform for 2009 Montserrado County By-election; issues, prospects and challenges”.

In her presentation to the students, Grace M. Kpaan, outlined unity, empowerment and the enforcement of a decent work force in the country. She said when she is elected as Senator of Montserrado County, she will bring about labor reform in the country, emphasizing on the mining and agriculture industries and stressing the need to lobby for the passage of a bill in line with decent labor practices.

For his part, the Former Chairman of the Monrovia City Council, Hon. Daniel Johnson, now Senatorial Aspirant said when he is elected at the Upper House of the National Legislature, he will initiate a process that will lead to students’ exchange, between Liberian students and other students in other parts of the world. Mr. Johnson further promised to liaise with the government to sponsor less fortunate Liberian students.

The Pre-Launching of the Liberia Debate Education Association brought together government officials, schools administrators and scores of students in and around Monrovia.

The Liberia Debate Education Association, (LIDEA), is a non-profit and non-governmental educational association that is geared towards developing the debate, public speaking and essay writing skills of Liberian students, youths and community dwellers in Liberia. LIDEA mission is to promote mutual understanding, sustainable education and democracy nationally by supporting discussion and active citizenship locally and globally.

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